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10 Secrets To Quickly Increasing Your DotA 2 Solo MMR
There are no shortcuts.

6. Playing the Odds

I'm a gamblin’ man, so I'm always considering the odds whenever faced with a difficult decision. So I look at this:


And I see who's winning, and who's not. By just looking at the statistics, you can see which heroes might give you an edge in winning. This is important because, well let's face it, your favorite hero might be Io who has a win rate this month of 39.44%, which means you're probably going to lose.  

This isn't to say Io is a bad character because he's not, but he is a character that requires a great deal of coordination and teamwork. If your sole purpose is to try and increase your MMR, stick to the characters that have a higher win rate, because after all, they're winning for a reason.

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