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Shot through the heart!
Shot through the heart!

6. Cate Archer, from No One Lives Forever

Cate Archer 01

Classic beauty

Those who’ve played No One Lives Forever will know the pain of what it’s like to be smitten with an imaginary character, which in this case is the lovely Cate Archer, that sexy 60s English spy with a talent for gunplay.

Once a cat-burglar known as “The Fox,” Cate’s skills are put to better use once she’s recruited by UNITY – an organization whose goal is to defend humanity from evildoers with dreams of taking over the world. Despite being one of UNITY’s top secret agents, Cate is often underestimated by enemies and allies alike due to the simple fact that she’s a woman. She proves them all wrong, of course, saving the world twice from the terrorist organization H.A.R.M, and more importantly, sexism.

Possessed of a keen intellect and an acerbic wit; an unearthly beauty made even sexier by a gorgeous accent; and not to mention some mad skills with all manner of guns, Cate Archer’s one of the most lethal video game babes who sadly never got a sequel beyond the second game in her series.

Cate Archer 02

I have a feeling he's enjoying himself

Archer 03

Rockin' the leather

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