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Shot through the heart!
Shot through the heart!

4. Samus Aran, from Metroid

Samus Aran 01

Those heels look like they can kill

One of gaming’s first true heroines, Samus Aran has been simultaneously kicking ass and melting our hearts since 1986.

As an intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus if often seen suited up in power armor that hides an arsenal of weapons from missiles to directed energy guns. Her suit can also transform into a ball, allowing her access into narrow spaces. Shedding the armor reveals Samus in a skintight Zero Suit that leaves little to the imagination and is known to have an effect on fanboys akin to an epileptic seizure.

One of the toughest women in the galaxy, Samus hunts Space Pirates and her arch nemesis Ridley, as well as those jellyfish-like energy vampires known as Metroids. In her spare time, she likes sparring with the likes of Mario and Donkey Kong.

Samus Aran 02

Samus Aran's svelte form has been known to make eyes pop out of their sockets...

Samus Aran 03

This bounty hunter is electrifying!

Samus Aran 04

High-flying hottie

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