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Argonian Warlock. Magic is an integral part of Skyrim’s role-playing element.

7. Forgotten magic

Skyrim Mod: Forgotten Magic Redone

Blast em. If you’re gonna survive an ambush by Servants of Miraak, you’re gonna need a little extra firepower.

A Pyromancer is empowered by an arsenal of 39 new fire-based destruction spells.

Although 3Jlou and sward66’s Forgotten Magic mod adds a much smaller range of spells than some of the bigger Skyrim magic mods out there: it makes up for this with finer attention to detail on the interactivity of Skyrim’s different forms of magic.

The Mystic, Paladin, Warlock, Pyromancer Cryomancer, Druid, and Electromancer spells added – totalling 39 new spells – are specifically designed to complement each other – while allowing for further specialization in the now-broadened magic school of your choice.

Download Forgotten Magic here

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