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Vipers were a... sinister addition to the franchise.

6) Introduce "Epic" Weapons and Armor

Akin to the idea for Legendary Soldiers, another cool addition to the chance and risk-reward aspects of XCOM would be that of "Epic" Weapons and Armor. These could be 3 or 4 unique pieces of weaponry or armor that you would only be able to obtain after completing a super difficult mission.

These weapons and armors would be equippable to only one soldier of your choice, and could be lost just like any other item should that soldier die and you are unable to extract their corpse. This feature would make the game more exciting. Imagine decimating numerous aliens standing in your path with your new “epic weapon” that deals 15 damage. Or taking multiple shots from aliens for no damage (for one turn) with that “special armor”.

Rocking a new outfit.

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