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Vipers were a... sinister addition to the franchise.

8) Increase the Playtime

No one wants a good game to end too fast. When players love a game, they want it to go on and on and on. Some, until they're satisfied with their playthrough and want to bring it to a natural end. Others, they want games to never end.

XCOM is one of those games with little replayability. If you start a new game, it would be the same story all over again. Countless fans of the series would agree. To take advantage of this, Firaxis should extend the playtime of runs through the games in the series by 100 - 200 hours. The average time to complete XCOM 2 is about 60 hours; in XCOM 3, it should be 150 at least.

A game is always the most exciting during the first playthrough -when everything is new to the player and they are lost in that feeling of mystery and excitement, so it would be good to make that feeling last. To make the game even more amazing, milk that sense of excitement to every last drop. 

The long war.

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