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Vipers were a... sinister addition to the franchise.

9) Make Soldier Skills More Customizable

The XCOM franchise has long adored its class system. Sure it's been tweaked throughout the years, and classes have been both added and removed, but all-in-all, the current mechanics of the franchise still depend heavily on the class system.

That's not a bad thing. Classes allow you to build a balanced team of soldiers to bring on missions. But we do feel the class system’s rigidity. 

How about doing away with the class system entirely? 

Allow players to customize each and every one of their soldier’s stats and skills how they want. Being that there are no classes, there will only be a long list of abilities to choose from when a soldier levels up.

A soldier would be able to learn Deep Cover, Kill Zone, and Medical Protocol if they wish.

This would allow for more creative skill combinations, letting players do cool things like combining "Run and Gun," "Chain Shot," and "Serial."

Skills and abilities under lock and key.

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