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Vipers were a... sinister addition to the franchise.

10) Give Us More Variety in Music

The music in XCOM 2 was alright. It all sounded just fine. Many of the tracks managed to convey the mood of the game. But after a while, players were quick to notice how repetitive the music really was. It became boring. Heartless. Inhuman like the invaders us commanders dedicate ourselves to fighting.

What the music in XCOM needs to is make us players feel emotion. A wide range of emotions, in all colors and intensities. There should be a larger variety of intense music playing when we're in the middle of colossal firefights, and sinister music playing when new and terrifying alien species are introduced for the first time. We ought to hear bright, beautiful fanfare when we complete missions, congratulating us for a job well done. 

XCOM should be scored to its themes of endurance - of perseverence - and of resistance despite unfair odds. It's a better soundtrack, really, that could elevate this beloved series into gaming legend forever.

The excitement of survival. 

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