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PC gamers unite!
PC gamers unite!

6. The Eagerly Awaited No-Show


The true face of Valve?

Are those Half-Life 3 jokes getting old?

Not if you’re a PC gamer.

Half-Life is, hands down, the most important first-person shooter franchise on the planet. The original game introduced so many innovative features that have now become staples of the genre, while Half-Life 2 upped the ante by adding realistic physics, the deliciously entertaining Gravity Gun, and a supporting character you didn’t even have to babysit...

Ten years later, and still no Half-Life 3 – absolute proof that under that convincing shell of a pudgy, mild-mannered, middle-aged man, Gabe Newell is in fact a cold, heartless, Terminator-like robot who feeds on the tears of despondent PC gamers for breakfast.

Seriously, it’s like that open wound that refuses to heal. And joking about the continued absence of one of the most eagerly awaited PC games of all time is the PC gamer’s way of salving that wound.

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