10 Things Only PC Gamers Would Understand: Page 9 of 10

PC gamers unite!
PC gamers unite!

9. The Long Wait


It was 13 minutes two hours ago!!

You’re all set; your palms are sweaty, your trigger finger is extra twitchy, and the adrenaline is coursing like wildfire through your veins.

Then the bar at the bottom of the screen catches your eye.

Wait… it’s still at 13%?!? But it’s been over 15 minutes!

Game installation; the downloading of patches, expansions, and other upgrades – these are some of the longest waits you’ll be forced to endure as a PC gamer.

Even the shortest installation or downloading times can seem like hours, while those that literally take hours can feel as if the cosmos itself is testing the limits of your patience. There’s nothing that’ll make you want to pull out your hair more than that meter that moves slower than your grandmother driving an ancient jalopy through a sea of molasses.

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