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10 Things Players Hate About Dota 2
Lina definitely isn't one of them.

4. Players who don’t call missing

call missing

It’s one of the biggest mistakes a player can make, and it’s also the fastest way to make an enemy on your own team. I know it’s hard, especially for new players, to constantly keep tabs on who’s in your lane. We’ve all been there: farming away, getting those last hits, and then suddenly the enemy hero disappears into the fog of war for a second. You think he’s still there, but in actuality, he teleported to another part of the map and is now engaged in a successful gank. Then the rage comes and no amount of remorse can fix it. If you even suspect for a millisecond that an enemy hero is missing from your lane, call it out.  

Pro tip: Pressing and holding Alt while left-clicking on an enemy hero’s icon will display an enemy missing message.  

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