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Charging on to the next fight.

9. Controllable Vehicles/Mounts

Honestly I would play the game if this was all it was.

In Fallout 4 we get to ride a vertibird and step into beefy power armor to tear our foes apart as we boost around with a jetpack. It’s a start. But Fallout 5 should take it to the next level.

Imagine being able to pilot a vertibird. Swoop over the battlefield, turret blazing, and drop off Brotherhood Knights into the fray. Or would you rather drive a patched jeep with a mounted gun down broken highways and up to raider camps?

Maybe you’re a fan of Westerns? (I know I am!) Don your duster, spin the barrel of your revolver, and mount your two-headed horse. Journey through the Wasteland aback your trusty steed, taking out those ruffians as they come along.

Is it an ambitious feature? Sure. Will it present Bethesda with challenges? Yeah, we’d abuse vehicle and mount bugs to hell and try to zoom past all the progression barriers.

But we still want to see it happen!

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