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Charging on to the next fight.

7. Smarter AI for Enemies and Companions


So NPCs in Fallout 4 can be mind numbingly dumb. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Whether it’s running against walls and objects, charging headlong into traps, ducking in cover with their backs exposed to you, or complaining about rats when you stealth stab their buddy in the neck right beside them, their stupidity knows no bounds.

Fallout 5 would really benefit from some fine tuned scripting. Smarter enemy and companion AI would improve combat exponentially. Enemies will be more challenging as they adapt to your strategy and work to throw you off. Companions will respond in kind, meshing with your playstyle and executing specific orders.

Players will always choose the dominant strategy. If faced by a tougher opponent you can’t beat head on, you get creative. But you shouldn’t be able to easily outsmart powerful enemies. And by outsmart I mean planting a ridiculous pile of mines and waiting on the other side with a taunting grin splashed across your face. A battle-hardened synth courser—no, not even a drugged up raider would charge through that murder pile.  

But they do. Bless their eager little hearts.

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