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Charging on to the next fight.

5. Improved Character Animation

Bethesda has managed to improve their animation with every new release. Yet somehow, it still sucks. Poor lip syncing, stumbling NPCs and half turns, awkward and janky run cycles.

Fallout 4’s animation is leaps and bounds better than Fallout 3’s. And you have characters like Dogmeat, modeled after a real German Shepard, that look amazing. Like there really is a bouncy fluffball of friendship and pants ripping bounding ahead of you as you journey.

But I think I speak for all of us when I say Fallout 5 needs to finally hit that animation milestone. Where most if not all of the puppet-like run cycles are gone, replaced by smooth, seamless movements. Both in friendly NPCs and horrific monsters as they stomp over to bash your head in.

So no more skipping super mutants as they twirl like green ballerinas trying to pathfind their way to your sniping position.

We need to be scared, Bethesda. In stitches from war wounds—not laughter.

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