10 Video Games That Took Us On An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride: Page 6 of 10

Ten video games that make you laugh, cry and everything in between.
Ten video games that make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

5) To The Moon

To The Moon Game Trailer

To The Moon is an RPG style game without the fighting.  The goal of the game is to help fulfill Johnny Wyles’ dying wish to go to the moon. The Sigmund corp. has developed a way to implant artificial memories into those who are on their deathbeds thus allowing patients to fulfill lifelong dreams.

Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts talk to Johnny Wyles about his lifelong wish

To The Moon, let’s you fulfill a dying man’s last wish. Johnny Wyles just wants to go to the moon, though he doesn’t remember why. In order for you to grant Johnny’s wish you must go through his life backwards using mementos from his past. When you find out why, you will want nothing more than to grant his wish. This game looks like Pokémon and plays like a point and click adventure game.

To The Moon Voted 2011’s best indie RPG game

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