10 Video Games That Took Us On An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride: Page 7 of 10

Ten video games that make you laugh, cry and everything in between.
Ten video games that make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

4) Wolf Among Us

What if fairy tales lived alongside us?  Telltale games, answers this question with this episodic, murder-mystery game. You play as Bigby Wolf, as he investigates a series of murders in Fabletown.

Bigby Wolf the protagonist of The Wolf Among Us

If you like episodic adventure games with a dark premise, The Wolf Among Us is a must play. The Big Bad Wolf and all the other fairytale characters of our childhood now live in Fabletown. Bigby ‘The Big Bad’ Wolf is the sheriff and it is up to him to solve a series of fairy tale character murders.

The problem is all the people of Fabletown still don’t trust Bigby. They lie, cheat and hide their discretions from Bigby. How Bigby solves his problems is up to you. The choice is in your hands and so are the consequences; who lives and who dies is up to you. Who Bigby trusts and who he condemns is your choice, your decision.

Bigby vs The Woodsman

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