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improve bethesda's fallout 4
Sometimes there are bigger issues than the impending nuclear Armageddon.

5. Return to RPG Roots

Perks are nothing if not creative. And adorably disturbing.

The removal of skills simplified the game, making it feel less like an RPG and more like an FPS. While there are still S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes and perks to select, it doesn’t feel as though you do much when you level up. As a result, there’s not a ton of variety after two to three different playstyles. One thing that makes RPGs great is the ability to customize your character down to every last stat. There are many variations of stat building, from Morrowind’s comprehensive points system to Skyrim’s leveling up through usage. No matter the player’s preference, something works better than nothing at all.

Solution: Return the skill system to character building. If the goal in removing it was to appeal to those who dislike calculating stats, make it so skills level dynamically ala Skyrim. As you exercise skills, they improve automatically. Rather than having to deal with applying points every level up, players can simply practice their skills in game.

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