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Rito can make the most awesome changes should they want to. Just look at these!

“9) Say No to Point Clamping”

"Poor guy. 1 Like = 1 Prayer"

Don’t you just hate it when that happens? One second you go from 0 to 80 points real quick and then you’d only win 19 points the next game, leaving you to waste another good 30 minutes or so just for 1 LP. 

Why so stingy, Rito? Isn’t winning games in a row enough punishment for us? Isn’t dealing with toxic crybabies and carrying them to victory enough proof that we deserve a higher rank? Rito pls.

Sure, a lot of people may counter this with: “It’s just an extra game to prove that you are really deserving of climbing up for a series. Stop being such a pu-

Aight, we got it. But it’s still annoying though and time was still wasted on chance. You’re not guaranteed that you’ll win anyway, so there’s a possibility of more games wasted because of a little difference in League Points.

The only people to not agree with me on this are players who have never experienced getting Point Clamped.

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