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Rito can make the most awesome changes should they want to. Just look at these!

“8) Encourage women to go Pro”

"Team Siren, the closest recorded all-female team to make it in NA pro-play."

No, Remilia doesn’t count. I’m not being an asshole to the LGBT, but she really isn’t. It’s unfair for biological girls and you know it.

But yeah, Remilia was the only “girl” strong enough to make it into pro-play. She could have gone a lot farther than she would have if she didn’t get harassed by the toxic community. It was a shame on everybody’s part, and Riot could’ve done better to address the harassment.

Unsurprisingly, Remilia left Renegades and LoL competitive play for good. Back to square one.

Riot, please advocate women to actually partake in pro-play. Don’t brand them into that of a Support, Ranked-only image. They can do so much better than that and with the help of the developers plus a little dose of the League hype; I’m sure that League of Legends will produce another “Remilia” soon enough. Let’s just hope she’s hot.

Women can do so much better if they just put in effort. This point is kind of a longshot since it's really not gender that dictates whether or not you can make it into pro-play- it's skill. But I believe that there's so much untapped power in LoL girl gamers.   

Rito just has to make them believe that they can make it as much as boys can. Rito pls.

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