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Rito can make the most awesome changes should they want to. Just look at these!

"7) Sandbox Mode"

"Don't even. It's not gonna happen."

“Oh not this again, we’ve already explained this, leik, a year ago!” a Rioter might say if he were to stumble upon this. Well, the answer is: Yes, you have. The thing is, we’re not all that happy about it.

Do you know how productive it would be to us if we had a sandbox mode? I don’t think you do, Riot. Because as the 2015 LoL-fanatic me could recall, it’s not on your list of things you wanna/have to do. You’re too busy with other plans.

Which were great, the rework on the most outdated of ADCs was a blast. You know, even the creation of what would be the catastrophic ADC-you’d-never-ever-want-to-feed-or-kiss-your-team-goodbye rework to which we know as Machine Gun Kog’Maw and the special snowflake, Quinn, that's only either OP or an absolute Feeding Program. 

But hey, everything still went great! It’s just another day of Rito balancing the game.

However, to just check in with reason, a whole lot of our fellow players would have a platform they could test out Champions, skills, flashes, and jukes without ever have to face the humiliation of a 0/11/0 LeBlanc. Lelz Reported.

Even if it’s never gonna happen, it would’ve been fun if LoL had it, wouldn’t it? A lot of players who are in desperate need of a little polishing on jukes and flashes could have made it out of Bronze by now.

A moment of silence for our brothers in ELO Hell.

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