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Rito can make the most awesome changes should they want to. Just look at these!

"6) Trolls, GTFO and hit Uninstall."

"My heart goes out to this guy whose sportsmanship still came out on top even after losing 23 LP. Kudos!"

Ranking is like the ocean. It’s a big, vast place of saltiness with a slim chance of people and too often a chance to see wild animals under pressure in a sea full of waste. It’s also kind of like New York, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

However, like the ocean and New York, there are always some salty, toxic, and Sivir-ly stupid players out there who’ve just managed to save up some LP to burn. Of course, with their poor sucker teammates who are in the same sinking boat with them. Of course, I always forget to report them because my anger makes me automatically press the “Skip Waiting For Stats” button. FML.

Ranked Trolls are the absolute scum of League that just makes you feel like you need to punch something to oblivion. You cannot win games with one throwing so hard, that you just want to play Dota II instead and suck at it than watch your LoL skills die along with your 32-4 team. #[email protected]

Rito has absolutely no way of stopping these guys and most of the time they even ban the wrong guys. Mostly innocent bastards like Dunkey or my friend who decided that he wants to cuss the hell out of one game because he tilted 2 divisions down due to trolling cunts.

See, that’s the thing, Rito can’t ban without making mistakes. Trolls will always prevail as Rito can’t be rule-enforcing and lenient at the same time. If they do come up with a great solution to this, then League is sure to be better for all of us. For now, learn to live with an antidote as the path to Ranked is a toxic one.

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