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Rito can make the most awesome changes should they want to. Just look at these!

"4) Pause Option in Ranked Games"

"A pause that sparked a controversy: Alleged map-looking of AF Woong at Season II Worlds"

Remember that time when you really had to take a shit and you realize that you’re playing Ranked?

I think a better question would be: “Who doesn’t?”

But on a more serious note, a lot of things can happen while you’re playing Ranked. If you go AFK, you’ll get reported. If you leave, you lose LP. If you lose because you left in-game due to a real emergency, you get reported and you lose LP should your team lose. There's just no winning this battle.

Ranked is a very important mode in the game. It’s a real-time Tournament Draft to place you in a better rank, Riot. This is the simplest wish on this list. It doesn't have to be 30 mins like Tournament Draft. Please make it so, Rito!

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