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Rito can make the most awesome changes should they want to. Just look at these!

"2) Loss Prevented: Unlucky Circumstances"

"Only Season 3-4 Players can get this. Probably every season for EUW. Ahhh memories..."

There are a lot of times that a player would be pitted against worthy opponents and get a lousy team that can’t even carry itself. As a result, most likely the trolls will quit and the others would get too low of morale to even continue a losing fight.

In this case, especially when a teammate left, let the remaining teams be spared with a Loss Prevented if they surrender and the Enemy Team deems them worthy for a mercy game. A mercy game was an idea brought up a few years back. It's for a losing team to get lesser penalties if they lost the game due to unavoidable circumstances granted by the winning team. 

If my memory serves me right, in the past, this has already been brought up along with Ao Shin (still waiting on him, Rito!).

It isn’t that bad of an idea. Just innovate and remove the loopholes to which players could take advantage of this in Ranked. Maybe unless of getting a Loss Prevented right away, the game data could be sent to Riot or any governing company who runs a specific region. Then they can decide if the game could be deemed as Loss Prevented.

It’s just to give the honest and great guys who don’t deserve a loss the benefit of the doubt.

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