10 Worst League of Legends Champions Who Desperately Need a Buff: Page 9 of 10

10 Worst League of Legends Champions Who Desperately Need a Buff
Alistar still isn't viable

2. Alistar

You can't milk those!

No matter how bad he is, you still can’t milk those. Alistar is a favorite among many support mains, but right now he is a very unviable pick. Alistar is the runner up on the list of sucky champions because he has some of the longest base cooldowns in the game. His heal and passive have horrible scalings that make them useless.

The only good thing about the Cow is that his ult allows him to ignore 70% of all damage taken. To make Alistar viable again they should give him a new ability on his E called "Milk Cannon." It would be a skill shot that did damage to all enemies and healed all allies within the radius. Then people would learn to fear the bull!

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Cherrykuns 6 years 3 months ago

And I agree with Bard's rather annoying ult. It can save someone (or all of you) depending on the timing, and he's kinda hard to play. The portal seemed to be a good diversion, making the enemy think twice if they'd go the Magical Journey or not. Ekko's coming out pretty soon, and he seemed viable, but an assassin who 'might' not be able to one-shot somebody *cough*leBlanc*cough*, we'll see how he does after his debut.

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