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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

94.  Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II (2010)

Get ready to fight some scallywags!

Developer: Octoshark Studios

Genre: Action, First Person Shooter

Theme: Pirates, Vikings, and Knights!

It’s a dog eat dog world out there.  You’ve got to team up with your fellow man be he Pirate, Viking, or Knight.  Set out to claim your territory, treasure, or just destroy your enemy once and for all.

Argh!  We be coming for you!

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights pits the three groups against each other in head to head battles and challenge.  Control each group against another as you battle for gold and jewels, territory, or total domination over the others.  It’s all up to you.

The game has 6 different game modes. A unique version of Capture the Flag, Booty Mode pits you against others to fight for… you guessed it… BOOTY!  Capture chests filled with gold and jewels and return it to your base.  Hold onto them and win the game.

In Territory mode, you fight for territories.  Pretty simple right?  Well, to win the game you have to keep the territories you take, otherwise your enemy can steal them from you and win.

Team Deathmatch is what you’d expect. Teams fight each other to the death. The team with the most kills at the end claims victory.

Trinket Wars is another version of Team Death Match.  It’s like TDM after 20 cups of coffee.  Gather trinkets around the map, then use them to defeat your enemy.

Last Team Standing. That’s it… be the last team standing. 

In Object Push Mode, work with your team to complete the assigned objectives.  It can be as easy as raiding the enemy base or as complicated as multiple steps to complete the objective.

Get ready for action and download Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II today.

That’s gonna hurt tomorrow.

93.  Street Warriors Online (2016)

Become a warrior of the streets.

Brawl in the illegal underworld of Street Warriors Online.  Knock your enemies out with a single punch.  Kick them while they’re down and call yourself king of the streets.

Flying kick!

In Street Warriors Online, compete in street battles of 2v2, 4v4, or 8v8 with three different game modes to choose from.

To win these street battles, you won’t have any magic or weapons.  You’ll only have the power of your body, strategic and skillful blows and kicks.

In Skirmish, beat up all the enemies to win a round.  Win three rounds to call yourself the victor.

In Conquest, spray over your team’s graffiti to earn points.  Reach the amount of required points to win.

In Capture the Bag, you must capture bags and deliver them to a van.  When you reach the limit requested, you win. 

Other great features to this game include character customization.  With over 150 clothing parts you can make your characters unique and fit the style you want for them.  There are 8 different characters and three classes, Bruiser, Slugger, and Swarmer, to choose from.

Play with your friends or make new friends in Street Warriors Online.  Hit the streets and show the other team who’s boss.

The last man standing wins.

92.  Tree of Savior (2016)

Find the Goddesses and save the world

Developer: IMCGAMES Co., Ltd.


Theme: Fantasy world

At first when the Goddesses stopped answering prayers, everyone assumed that it was temporary.  Then chaos engulfed the kingdom, monsters emerged and began killing and destroying everything in their path.  Now, a quest has begun to find the Goddesses to help return the land to what it once was.

On your quest you will encounter many enemies, some of whose looks may be deceiving. 

Tree of Savior boasts four main classes that branch off into 80 sub-classes, giving you a huge variety of options in which to build your hero.  Sub-classes like Alchemist, Cryomancer, Monk, and Hackapell are just a few of these interesting classes.

There is also freedom of choice with different jobs, skills, and stats.  You pick the route you choose to create the hero you want to be.  Then you will embark on a journey to find the missing Goddesses and help save the world.

Poison is an effective way to deal with monsters.

91.  World of Tanks (2011)

‘War Thunder community, give tank world a chance. You might be surprised’

Developer: Wargaming

Genre: Action MMO

Theme: Well, it’s a world populated entirely by tanks

The hardcore military vehicle gamers out there have already probably chosen a side- War Thunder or Wargamings various worlds. If you find yourself in this camp, I urge you to give World of Tanks a chance. As far as free games go, this one is a winner- especially if you’re into games that are almost exactly like it.

Of course, real diehards will know the above statement to be far from the truth. But I want you to think about it for a moment- are they really? Isn’t World of Tanks simply a different twist on enjoying the same core thing- blowing each other to bits with highly powerful vehicles? Sure, War Thunder offers stunning realism, and feels more authentic as a result. But don’t let that overshadow the undeniably smooth gameplay in WoT. It’s competitive, it’s fast, and honestly, it’s boatloads of fun.

‘Big, beautiful, and blowing stuff up- the three b’s of WoT’

90.  Mabinogi (2008)

‘Ok, I cannot be the only one stunned that Mabinogi has Welsh roots…’

Developer: devCAT


Theme: Irish mythology based MMO

A full free to play only punctuated by optional microtransactions, Mabinogi is and oldie (relatively) but a goodie. Mabinogi is comprised of Irish folklore inspired background, high customizability, and three distinctive character classes.

Mabinogi is a game that doesn’t seek to define your experience from the outset. With a general skill tree that is consistent from race to race, Mabinogi toes the line between freeform customizability and definition of character with remarkable balance. There’s also a whole bevy of economic positions to choose from, ensuring your fastidious character never has to go on Mabinogian welfare.

‘Gather round children, as I recount Irish folklore as an anime character”

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