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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

75.  Gunbound (2006)

‘Cutesy on the outside, bloodthirsty maniacs on the inside’

Developer: Softnyx

Genre: Artillery Multiplayer

Theme: Goofy projectile lobbing vehicles head to head

As far as two-dimensional free-to-play turn based artillery vehicular multiplayers go, Gunbound is probably your best option. In fact, it may be your only option.

 Gunbound offers a deep turn-based experiences littered with RPG elements. Your avatar is fully customizable, your mobile (vehicle) is chosen from one of twenty, and then you’re off to the battles. Terrain conditions alter mobile performance, adding some much appreciated depth to the gameplay. Gunbound is an entertaining combination of sharp tactical gameplay and goofy visuals, and it’s well worth a look.


‘Like Dragon Tales, but much more death’

74.  Warframe (2013)

‘Stylish, sexy, and satisfying third person coop’

Developer: Digital Extremes

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Theme: Ancient warriors vs. militarized humanoid clones

A glamorous free-to-play shooter that feels a bit like Mass Effect 3, Warframe is crisp, attractive, and ultimately a mesmerizing sci-fi experience. It’s got the action, it’s got the looks, and it’s got a zero dollar price tag.

Warframe manages to combine melee and shooting elements that both have chutzpah, a rare feat for the free to play sphere. Punishing kills are rewarded with enemies that react with ragdoll-style physics. Charging with your sci-fi katana will slice foes cleanly in half. It’s great, brutal fun- not to mention, free.

‘Like a katana through a watermelon’

73.  Everlasting Summer (2014)

‘Don’t forget your specs’

Developer: Soviet Games

Genre: Visual Novel

Theme: Anime dating sim

Calling Everlasting Summer a game might be a stretch- titillating piece of drawn-out erotica is probably a bit more apt. The atmospheric visual novel is immersive, and, if you are the type who particularly enjoys dialogue in games, compelling.

Everlasting Summer puts players inside the mind of Semyon, a 25-year old internet addicted recluse. He falls asleep on a bus, and wakes up 18 again, at a summer camp full of nubile young female campers who have sexual interest in you. This is a game that will leave you loving yourself in whole new ways.

‘Just a touch suggestive’

72.  Toribash (2006)

‘What did I just watch?’

Developer: Hampus Studios

Genre: Turn-based fighting

Theme: Full control over the entirety of your ragdoll’s joints

Part one-time party gag, part actually entertaining free game, Toribash is a one of a kind game that pits uncoordinated ragdolls against each other in one on one hand to hand combat. Initially, the goofy gameplay mechanics solicit little more than a giggle, a fun thing to show off to friends. Play a little, and you’ll start levying crazy combos on your ragdoll counterpart.

This game plays like part Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, part something strange and previously undefined. The result is a game that will have you laughing for hours on end.

‘Things can get seriously violent on Toribash’

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