11 Best Medieval War Games To Play in 2015: Page 5 of 11

Time to get medieval!
Time to get medieval!

7. War of the Roses

From the developers of War of the Vikings comes War of the Roses.

Like Vikings, Roses is a multiplayer action game that has you assuming the role of a single combatant. After choosing to side with either the House of York or the House of Lancaster, it’s off to war! Battlefields are historically inspired and can host up to 64 medieval warriors.

War of the Roses 01

The horned horror

Aside from its deep melee combat, players have many authentic medieval weapons to choose from. Prefer your kills really up close and personal? Stab them in the gut with a dagger. Enjoy splitting skulls in two? Introduce your enemy’s noggin to your battle-axe. Dismember rivals with your broadsword, or execute them from afar with your long bow.

One of the best medieval war games you can play right now!

War of the Roses 02

Let the arrows fly!

War of the Roses 03

Medieval dynamic duo

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