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Time to get medieval!
Time to get medieval!

4. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Few medieval games can match the intensity of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

This multiplayer-focused action game has players raiding villages and laying siege to castles, as well as fighting each other in some of the grisliest battles you’ll ever experience. The deep combat system involves precise control of attacks and blocks, while over 60 savage weapons, from javelins to broad swords, means you can skewer, dismember, and mutilate to your heart’s content.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 01

Blood and steel

And when you’re feeling particularly medieval, you can use siege weapons like ballista and catapults to flatten enemy fortresses’ walls, crack their gates open with battering rams, or burn your foes to a crisp with boiling oil.

Several game modes offer challenges such as one-on-one duels to the death and team matches, as well as unique quests such as killing a king or defending a location.

One of the best medieval war games in existence!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 02

Close quarters carnage

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 03

A good day to die

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