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A simpler, yet joyous time...
A simpler, yet joyous time...

7. Q*Bert


Q*Bert was the first video game in 3D.

Well, it wasn’t technically 3D, but its isometric camera angle produced a look that was revolutionary in 1982. It was definitely one of the best-looking classic arcade games, which partly explained its appeal.


But Q*Bert was simply fun. You controlled a weird critter as he jumped from one box to another, in an attempt to convert all of them into a single color. Of course there were bad guys, like snakes and what looked like snot balls, so one needed reflexes and strategy to win.

We haven't seen much of Q*Bert since his glory days, but he has made appearances in films such as Wreck-it-Ralph and the recent bomb Pixels. More importantly, the game is available on Internet Arcade.



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