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Open World RPG Games

10. Grim Dawn

Blessed with otherworldly powers, you must use your superior strength and power to battle the outsiders who threaten the territories and lives of your people.

A more serious take on the standard action RPG, Grim Dawn pulls you into its interlacing web of consequential decisions and story development, with every move you make affecting the world as a whole.

With combinations of classes, an abundance of skills and the ability to join NPC factions, it offers a unique playthrough experience with complex twists and turns. But the true star of this game is the story. As your character progresses throughout the game, you’ll be faced with many tough choices that can affect not only your own character, but the lives of other characters you encounter, and the world as a whole.

If all that is a bit too much for you, remember that you don’t have to go it alone, as multiplayer mode is also available, and if you really get worried, feel free to mod your game so the experience is to your liking.

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