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Open World RPG Games

7. Albion Online

Want to become a mighty warrior, protecting your lands and guild from invasion by monsters or (even worse) other players? Great! Want to become a daring thief or brigand, building your reputation? Go ahead! Want to become a farmer, feeding the army? Uh, yeah, sure! You can do that too! Want to become a delivery boy? Or a diplomat? Or a- Okay. This is getting ridiculous now. But you get the picture.

With Albion Online, you can literally be whoever you want to be. Instead of classes, the clothing and equipment you don determines your trade. And there’s a lot to choose from. But don’t expect clothing to make up for skills.

The world relies very heavily on player trade and skilled labor. So if you really want to flourish, you’ll want to specialize. And we really mean specialize. Find your niche. You see that crack in the market there? That need for a specific type of enchanted dragon hide bracer? [Note: Not confirmed as in-game item] Squeeze yourself in there. That’s right. Tighter. Tighterrrr… There. You got it. Now become the best at that.

Of course, if you’d rather be on the front line, you can always become a warrior instead. Join a guild and fight other guilds for- wait, actual territory? That’s right folks, winning battles for your guild allows you to expand, like the parasitic Romans of your time, right into the land that was previously theirs.

It’s all very realistic. Including the housing: build and furnish your own home, away from the sweat and stink of the cities, and rejoice in the fact that the furniture you own isn’t just for show; it’s giving buffs to your character too. [Now if my manga collection did that, how much better would the world be?]

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