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Open World RPG Games

2. Darks Souls 3

In this turning-point title for the Dark Souls series, you play as a shadowy hero hunting down the Lord of Cinders… And that’s pretty much all we know.

The award-winning Dark Souls series is back, and it’s darker than ever. With the new possibility of battle arts, bosses that evolve their fighting style over the course of skirmishes, and strange, fossil-worshipping undead, it’s looking like this newest edition to the series is trying to be even more creepy and painfully difficult than its predecessors. No doubt it will succeed.

While current footage shows some pretty impressive work going on, the developers are proving themselves to be very adept at keeping quiet on the details. So we would like to make a few short predictions on what we believe will be featured in the upcoming inheritor to the Dark Souls mantle.

1: There will be rats. Rats were always annoying. And they were always there. Great to level up on, not so great when you’re only a few feet away from a bonfire. Especially if they poisoned you. As a mainstay of not only Dark Souls, but almost every single RPG ever, we would like to say that rats will almost certainly be in Dark Souls 3.

2: Some kind of skeleton boss. We’ve had Gravelord Nito. We’ve had the Skeleton Lords. Now it’s time for… Something else made of bones. I’m sure it’ll be obvious when we see it. And terrifying. And it will kill us all the first time around.

Finally, 3: Praise the Sun.


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