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Gotta pose for the winning shot before the mission can start.

10. Fallout

Fallout allows you to fully experience the dilapidated world of a retro 50’s post-apocalyptia. The sky is murky, the barren trees and sickly grass struggle to grow upwards, and the streets and buildings are cracked, caved, and rusted.

You’re able to explore every inch of the decaying world. While the ruined cityscapes and brown wasteland fill you with an oppressive sense of void desolation, this RPG is chock-full of content. Grizzled survivors inhabit the irradiated wastes, offering you settlements to explore and quests to undertake. Some might even tag along for the ride.

"I don't want to set the world on fire, honey."

The sense of desperate survival and scraping by is one of Fallout’s biggest draws. You’re restricted by obstacles such as radiation poisoning, limited ammo, and weapon degradation. Not to mention the hordes of mutated monsters and drug-hyped raiders doing everything they can to put you two feet under.

Combat compliments the RPG elements beautifully. V.A.T.S., a tactical mechanic which allows you to stop time and strategize during battles, adds a meaningful layer to battles. Depending on your playstyle and character build, you can fight with guns, laser rifles, explosives, and melee weapons. The choice is yours.

Afters hours spent exploring the wastes, embarking on quests, and fighting for survival, you’ll still have barely scratched the surface.

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