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Gotta pose for the winning shot before the mission can start.

1. The Elder Scrolls

Nothing will whisk you away quite like an Elder Scrolls game.

Each installment is set in a province of Tamriel, areas ruled by one of the races. Morrowind brings you to the alien world of the dark elves, rife with giant mushrooms sprouting in marshlands and dust swept deserts. Oblivion plunges you into the imperials' home, Cyrodiil, a sophisticated land of lush green hills, snowy mountain ranges, murky green marshland, and shimmering fields of golden grass. And Skyrim has you venture into the blizzarding, mountainous snowscape of Skyrim, home to the proud and fierce nords.

Wonder what happens to iron armor when it burns?

Your imagination is left to run wild. You play as any race, building your character's appearance and class however you wish. Duel enemies with a claymore, bringing them down with a weighted strike. Burn foes with fiery magic. Slip through the shadows, slicing throats or piercing unaware targets with an aimed arrow.

Or hey, pick any combination of the three. You can play as a balanced spellsword. Or even as a stealthy knight tiptoeing around in clanky armor. Go crazy, the choice is yours!

Summoning netherworldly weapons is the "Batman's utility belt" of the game.

Each game has you embark on an epic quest. In Morrowind you'll fight a demonic cult. In Oblivion you'll dive straight into hell itself to close fiery orange gates, where twisted monsters known as daedra pour forth. In Skyrim you use the power of your voice to battle enormous dragons and consume their souls.

So yeah, pretty intense. The epic battles and wars waged make you feel like a damn hero. And really, what better treat could a roleplayer ask for?

With so many amazing RPGs to choose from, which one is your favorite? What sequels do you want to see? Discuss in the comments below.

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