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Gotta pose for the winning shot before the mission can start.

7. Dark Souls

Tired of games you can beat in your sleep? Be carefully what you wish for, because Dark Souls will bring you to tears. This dark fantasy action RPG firmly implants its gameplay in the “trial and error” category of battling. You learn by dying, and boy will you die a lot.

But its hair-pulling challenge is exactly what makes this game so great. You come across a challenge, be it traps or goliath enemies, and you try, and you try, and you learn. Cool your head, buckle down, and strategize, and your willpower will be rewarded.

In which you die. Again. And again. And—

Dark Souls boasts a fantastic fantasy aesthetic. You’ll plunge head first into a gothic world of dungeons, traps, skeletons, and hulking monsters. A vast open world allows you to wander and embark on different paths to your destination.

And if you’re of the cheeky sort, you can view bloodstains to watch how other players have died. Either to learn about traps and dangerous enemies or chuckle as someone careens towards their demise.  

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