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Gotta pose for the winning shot before the mission can start.

6. The Witcher

In this action RPG, you get to play as a bona fide monster hunter with unique powers: a Witcher. A dynamic combat system allows you to pick between three fighting styles of fast to strike quickly, strong to hit powerfully, and group to attack multiple enemies at once. Make use of alchemic potions that recover and health and grant abilities, oils that augment weapons, bombs that deal damage, and combos to hack and slash your way to victory.

There are multiple story paths to choose from in a deep fantasy narrative. Characters are always interesting, even the ones who’re just the worst people. Everyone is well rounded with flaws, personal agendas, and selfish tendencies—even the intelligent and level headed ones.

"Giant, bloody wendigo? This is fine. Everything is fine."

The world of the Witcher is a reflection of the damaged times of the medieval age. It’s perhaps the most adult RPG out there, with mature themes at every level, down to the mechanics. The moral choices you make are realistic and gray rather than clear-cut black and white.

In a world full of good VS evil tropes, a shift to gray is oddly refreshing. And it remains a huge reason why the Witcher has us enraptured.

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