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It doesn't even look organic.

1. Crawlers from Dead Space 2

What could be more grotesque than reanimated infants?

There are more dangerous enemies in Dead Space, but the Crawlers are the most terrifying because they are Necromorph babies.  All that psychological stuff about wanting to protect small children goes completely to the wind with these guys.  They only take one or two shots to kill, but you have to shoot them. 

Similar to other enemies on this list, they’re terrible in hordes.  They’re not so great alongside other Necromorphs either.  Thankfully, their explosions can damage other Necromorphs and work to your advantage, so long as you’re not caught in the backlash.

Ultimately, these things are gross and not fun to deal with. 



Every game has their nasties.  These nasties are a particular set that are grosser, uglier, and dangerous in their own right.  They’ll send shivers down your spine and make you expend every effort to get rid of them so that you never have to fight them again.

Hey, even though some of these enemies are terrifying (or perhaps because they’re so terrifying), both Dead Space 2 and Alien: Isolation are on the Sci-Fi Games to Check Out list.  

What are your thoughts on these ugly baddies? Comment below. 

If you’re looking for some more horror games to check out, look here.  If you want some more post-apocalyptic RPGs, check this one out. 

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