11 New Horror Game Trailers of 2016: Page 6 of 11

6.Allison Road

My skin is crawling from this trailer! How can the people who made Worms make such a horrifying game!? This game is probably the most realistic game i have seen since P.T.

You take on the role of a unnamed character who must explore this house and uncover clues as to the whereabouts of your family and just what twisted things are going on inside of this house.There doesn't seem to be any fighting back or even any hiding for that matter this game seems purely "Run or Die".

allison Road

I am really trying to be polite and not stare

Can you survive and unravel the mystery of Allison Road? Do you even have the guts to try? I don't. The trailer was too scary for me! I mean you forget just watching the trailer that this is a video game and not just someone holding a camera!

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