11 RPGs with the Hottest Babes: Page 5 of 11

11 RPGs with the Hottest Babes
A pretty smile, a sunny disposition, and the weapons to slice you in half!

7. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X a

The guys at Square Enix sure know how to make pretty people. And with Final Fantasy X, they truly outdid themselves.

Who can forget the sweet, gentle priestess Yuna, and her subsequent transformation into a short shorts-wearing, gun-toting badass? She’s got an exquisite singing voice too, not to mention some impressive dance moves.

Then there’s Rikku, a girl with an infectiously bubbly personality and a pair of wicked blades. Yes, we’re aware her clothes don’t leave much to the imagination. But please, do pick up your jaws off the floor, and behave yourselves, because she can slice and dice with the best of them!

Paine is a silver-haired butt-kicker who isn’t afraid of using her gigantic sword on anyone who messes with her. So avoid any fantasies about a romantic candlelight dinner while staring into her enticing red eyes – she’ll just break your heart!

And then there’s Lulu.

Lulu defies description. She’s just that amazing.

We hate you, Wakka.

Final Fantasy X b

Final Fantasy X c

Final Fantasy X d

Final Fantasy X e

Final Fantasy X f

Final Fantasy X g

Final Fantasy X h

Final Fantasy X i

Final Fantasy X j

Lulu 1

Image by lithriel

Lulu 2

Image by MadeleineInk

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