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11 RPGs with the Hottest Babes
A pretty smile, a sunny disposition, and the weapons to slice you in half!

3. Mass Effect (series)

Mass Effect a

Space! There’s so much to love about it. From cosmic anomalies, to magnificent spaceships, to heavenly bodies… and by heavenly bodies we mean the gorgeous women you get to hang out with if you’re, say, a big shot like space-faring hero, Commander Shepard.

Mass Effect’s women are a mixture of the courageous, intellectually brilliant, physically divine, and dangerously skilled. Among the first we meet is Ashley, a tough soldier who becomes one of Shepard’s greatest allies. Then there’s Tali’Zorah, who proves that beauty is more than just about looks; this alien has her face permanently covered, yet she’s considered one of the sexiest women in video games.

Mass Effect 2 introduces us to Miranda Lawson, who was genetically enhanced to be the perfect human specimen. That means exactly what it means, so please wipe that drool off your face. Even the Normandy’s artificial intelligence gets a hot makeover when EDI takes control of a sexy robot body in Mass Effect 3.

So when you’re feeling lonely, just remember that the universe is vast. And somewhere out there, there’s probably a wonderful, green-skinned alien-robot hybrid thinking of someone like you.

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