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12. Batman Arkham Knight – “Father to Son” Announce Trailer

We all know how Bruce Wayne’s parents died, but it’s rare to hear his father’s thoughts about his son – thoughts which are finally conveyed to us in the “Father to Son” trailer. Suffice it to say that it’s heartbreaking, lending a sense of gravitas to the whole thing.

It’s also chilling seeing how Bruce has perverted the legacy of his parents. Sure, he’s a hero, and what he does as Batman saves lives. But how would his parents, were they still alive, feel about the path he’s taken?

There’s no shortage of action and visual wizardry in this video, but it is Thomas Wayne’s narration of his Last Will and Testament to his son that gives it the heart so few trailers have.

That’s it for our list of the 12 Best Video Game Trailers Ever Made! How about you, gamer friends? What do you think are the best video game trailers ever made?

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