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Sorceress, Dragon Knight and Nightblade from Elder Scrolls Online.
Only the best get to look this awesome.

108. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)

Developer: Eidos, Nixxes Software

Genre: Action Adventure, FPS

Theme: Cyborgs vs Humanity and the questions therein

You play as Adam Jensen, the security manager at a company called Sarif Industrie. After a terrorist attack, Adam is injured, and given the Six Million Dollar Man treatment. He then has to deal with the politics of being a cybernetically enhanced human as well as find the terrorists and their motives for attacking.

Detroit doesn't seem to have changed much.

It gives players many ways to go about completing missions and has huge environments to play in. The story is also not afraid to tackle some really interesting questions about humanity versus machinery. If you like games with really in-depth story that isn't afraid to be intelligent, then you definitely want to pick this up.

Just as well, the gameplay is pretty expansive too, as you get a lot of different upgrades to choose from for your character and you can choose how to go about completing stages. So if stealth shooters are your speed, I'd recommend this to you as well.

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107. Borderlands 2 (2012)

Be all the psycho you can be!

Developer: Gearbox Software

Genre: FPS, RPG

Theme: Be a badass

If you're ready to become the treasure hunter with the baddest ass in all the land, you need to start up Borderlands 2. Play as one of four (six counting DLC) characters who seek the Vault, a huge treasure trove of guns! Rub Handsome Jack's face in the dirt when you thwart his plans! There's plenty for you do do in Borderlands 2!

Out in the desert for a Sunday drive!

Borderlands 2 stars you as one of several heroes. You spec out your skill tree as you blow away presumably cannibalistic psychopaths with your mighty boom-stick, that you may or may not have found in a pile of alien dog doo.

There's a pretty fun story here, with Handsome Jack, a hunter turned douchebag, as your main insulting villain. His goal is to unlock the Vault and use it for his own ends. This game also has co-op multiplayer, so if adventuring alone sounds daunting to you, you can go with a friend and liven things up.

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106. Dirt 3 (2011)


Developer: Codemasters

Genre: Racing

Theme: Finish First

Race in various types of events as you try to gain reputation points, which helps you earn the attention of sponsors who, in turn, give you more vehicles. There are also several party modes, which involve doing all manner of crazy things, including (but not limited to) spreading zombie plague, for example.

A Rockstar car, well done.

If you're looking for a racing game with some fun weird stuff involved, check out Dirt 3. That goes double for any racing genre lovers out there. There are some really great car designs, the handling and overall gameplay is pretty strong, and the party modes are so much fun.

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105. Portal 2 (2011)

It's hard to over-state my satisfaction.

Developer: Valve Corporation

Genre: FPS, Puzzler

Theme: Do testing (for science!)

Back to the lab again with GlaDOS and her sadistic tests! Play as Chell as she takes on numerous challenges set forth for her by the most snarky robot you've ever met and make creative use of your Portal Gun to make it to the end alive.

Doing science together!

Portal 2 offers a strong single player campaign as well as, for the first time ever, multiplayer. You can play as one of two robots who are sent by GlaDOS to do more testing. Uncover some interesting information from Aperture Lab's own Cave Johnson. Just try not to bring lemons up around him (they don't get along well together).

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104. Portal (2007)

It's for the good of all of us... Except the ones who are dead.

Developer: Valve Corporation

Genre: FPS, Puzzle

Theme: Get your cake

Portal is a game known and loved by all. Play as Chell, a young woman trapped in a rat-maze for humans who must “test” for “science” at the behest of a snarky computer lady named GlaDOS. You must master the use of the Portal Gun, a gun that shoots, well, Portals.

We do what we must because we can.

This is a challenging puzzler with a really sharp wit to it. GlaDOS makes listening to insults fun and all the little sentry-bots scattered throughout are both adorable and deadly. There's a lot of character to the game itself, and that's a great thing.

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103. Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (2003)

You can even play the original DotA on Battle.net

Developer: Blizzard

Genre: RTS

Theme: Fantasy World War

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and its expansion: The Frozen Throne were really strong RTS games in their time. Follow the story of Arthas, a young Paladin, who embarks on a journey to end the Scourge, demonic forces that are turning people into zombies. You must lead your army to victory in a variety of missions.

Yup, those are Undead alright.

Warcraft 3 was probably my favorite RTS back in the day. There were four playable races (as opposed to the usual 3) and the expansion added an entire new campaign as well as cool new units to the already vast library of stuff to mess around with. If any RTS lover hasn't at least tried this classic, they might want to reconsider their identities as RTS lovers.

Also, the world and lore mixed with the style of the game make for really interesting exploration. It even spawned an MMO.

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102. Dark Souls (2011)

Developer: FromSoftware

Genre: RPG, Action Adventure

Theme: Try not to die

Dark Souls presents a challenge like no other. Play through an epic quest surrounding an undead, you, trying to cure yourself and regain your humanity. Face massive bosses as you face hordes of undead (not usually at the same time) and find the source of this Medieval zombie apocalypse so you can put it to an end.

Redefining rage one battle at a time.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just be in a video game. Like, as a normal person with no powers? Because unless you like to play a spellcaster or praise the hell out of the sun, that's basically how Dark Souls is going to go for you.

All joking aside though, the lore and world are pretty interesting. There's a lot there and fighting massive demons as a relatively feeble character really makes things interesting. You also get to feel good about beating video games again.

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101. Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Genre: RPG, FPS

Theme: Take Vegas back.

Fallout: New Vegas begins by putting players in the role of an unfortunate courier. It seems you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and were almost killed over it. Make your way through New Vegas and find the person who tried to take your life.

Drinking on the strip is illegal in Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout is a strong series by now, and Vegas is the latest in the growing list of Fallout Games. New Vegas is a really cool place to explore, and the characters you deal with along the way have some pretty strong identities. There are of course special items to find in the wasteland, and always some fun to be had.

I suggest getting the Ultimate Edition, as it comes with some really fun DLC, my favorite being the one with the angry toaster. Give this a go if you love the Fallout or Elder Scrolls series.

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100. Lord of the Rings: Online (2007)

I want to go listen to the OST of Lord of the Rings now.

Developer: Turbine, Inc.


Theme: Defeat the evil forces

Lord of the Rings has been a pretty hot franchise for a while. It was really only a matter of time until it got an MMO. Tolkein's mystical Middle Earth just screams to be an MMO setting.

Beware the trees...

If you're like me, you love the lore inherent in Lord of the Rings, as well as its expansive land of Middle Earth. While we get to see so much of it, we're also free to imagine pieces of it, dark corners where literally anything could be waiting for us.

There are seven classes total, and ten if you get the expansions. You can also be one of four races (Elf, Hobbit, Human, and Dwarf) and there's player housing as well as a music system that works similar to MIDI, and have actual concert-type events. This is a really immersive game that knows its universe and fan-base well. If you're a Lord of the Rings fan, don't be shy about starting this up!

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99. Star Trek Online (2010)

Developer: Cryptic Studios

Genre: MMORPG, 3rd person Shooter

Theme: Be a space captain

Star Trek has been a popular franchise for years now. There have been other Star Trek games, but not an MMO, and its success has made it deserving of a spot on our list. Captain your own Star Fleet ship and get promoted up the ranks to boldly go where no one has ever gone before.

Time to boldly kick someone's ass.

Star Trek Online offers an interesting promotion system for character advancement. You obtain Skill Points which you put into skills on a skill tree and your entire crew benefits from it. By the way, you also get your own crew to command, as well as your own ship, and eventually a fleet.

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98. Outlast (2013)

Welcome home...

Developer: Red Barrels

Genre:Survival Horror

Theme: Escape the Asylum

Outlast is a well-known horror survival game in the video game community. To date, it's one of the best selling horror games on Steam. You play a freelance journalist who got a hot tip about inhumane experimentation going on in an asylum. To survive, you have to dodge the crazy-ass inmates and keep out of sight so you can get your story and get out.

“Let's get this manicure over with.”

Outlast, being the horror house it is, is not something I'd recommend for younger audiences, but anyone who loves games where they're constantly under threat of death and unable to fight back would love this. The game does a great job with its bad guys. They have really interesting ambient conversations which give way to creepy little events that the player is made to draw conclusions about on their own.

Some of the rooms contain small stories told in the form of decoration. For example, imagine a padded room with bloody handprints trailing out of it and into a room containing a bloody chair with spikes on the end of the arm rests. That kind of thing really adds to the experience of any successful horror game.

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97. Far Cry 3 (2012)

All that island's missing is a five-star hotel.


Developer: Ubisoft

Genre: FPS

Theme: Modern day pirates vs pissed off teenager


You've just woken up in a cage. Some pirates (not the yohoho kind, the human trafficking kind) have caught you and your friends, and are going to sell you off somewhere because human trafficking is way too lucrative a business. So you escape with your sibling, and barely manage to get away while your sibling dies.

It is your job to save your friends, get revenge on the pirates, and most importantly, get the hell off this island.


Have fun splitting heads and admiring a gorgeous island environment! Also, the animals in the jungle are a strong aspect in the game. You can find ways to use them to your advantage but be careful, as you might end up getting ripped to shreds as well.

You use their pelts to make upgrades for yourself. Your abilities come in the form of a tribal arm-band tattoo as well, so that's cool. This is a great adventure FPS, so if that sounds like your thing, at least give it a try.

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