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Together, you and your friends can do so much
No game is more fun than a game played with friends.

23. Portal 2

Developer: Valve

Puzzle Platformer

Human vs. Machine

Science has given you a loophole.

Portal 2 is a puzzle game that can be completed through the application of physics. This may sound pretty challenging, and you'd be right, but you will have a lot of fun running trial solutions to every room's puzzle. This coop game stands out from the others because the player has to think a lot more than in the others.

Together, you and your friend must solve puzzles using a variety of mechanics based on physics. This is a great coop game because it’s a lot of fun trial and error as the two of you try to figure out how the puzzle works. The gameplay is very unique and you’ll find yourself conversing with your friend over the puzzle the two of you are going to get this done.

What's puzzling is that you may not have played this yet.

This game encourages cooperation and running continuous trials. This stands out from other coop games in how the game requires you and your player 2 to solve problems. The dialogue is also incredibly quirky, making you want to keep playing.  It’s a very engaging game, so you’re sure to find a friend to play it with you.

Portal 2

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