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A love story like no other!
A love story like no other!

12. StarCraft

StarCraft will go down in history as one of the finest PC titles for its ability to combine epic storytelling, memorable characters, fantastic strategy gaming, and exemplary multiplayer support.

And who doesn’t love its unique yet perfectly balanced factions? The insect-like Zerg have the weakest constitutions, but are fast, numerous, and reproduce like man-eating rabbits. The psionic Protoss have the most powerful units, but building them takes forever, not to mention a lot of resources. The Terrans, who employ tanks and battleships in war, are somewhere in between.


15 minutes to build... 15 seconds to destroy

StarCraft’s success made it a serious endeavor in South Korea, where the best players soon found themselves neck-deep in its mythic lore, and its deeply competitive strategy combat. Needless to say, it had a huge role in the growth of eSports, so its power to shape the gaming industry cannot be overstated. Definitely one of the most important PC games, ever!


What's more monstrous... these insectoid freaks, or these four-legged... robot... things?


Maybe the Protoss spent some time in ancient Egypt...

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