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A love story like no other!
A love story like no other!

7. Minecraft

Who doesn’t love creating works of art with building block toys like Lego?

That is the genius behind the indie game and runaway hit, Minecraft. Players are deposited in a procedurally generated, virtually endless open world made entirely of bricks. Break stuff, and you collect those bricks with which you can then build new stuff. A day/night cycle brings darkness, which spawns monsters of all sorts. There are bosses to kill, too.


A zombie, a dog, and what looks like Nathan Drake

But if you simply want to create, there’s the Creative Mode which gives you unlimited access to the game’s creation tools. If you want proof of the game’s popularity and influence, just check the internet – it’s chockfull of Minecraft creations, which range from majestic castles and spaceships to things we can’t even mention here.

Few awesome PC games are able to tap into our inherent need to create, and for that, we totally love Minecraft.


Beautiful fantasy worlds await!


A kingdom of bricks

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