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I have to find a shelter

9. Dying Light

Zombies are coming at me – But first lemme take a pic


A mysterious viral breakout turns most of the populace of the city of Harran into aggressive zombies. The city has been quarantined, but a few survivors still remain, for whom supplies are periodically airdropped.  Meanwhile, an important file is stolen from the Global Relief Effort (GRF) and is used to blackmail them. The file is kept in the city of Harran. GRF hires you to take the file back and rescue the survivors of the city.

Why should you play it?

Dying light is one of the best games of 2015. It`s unique parkour style gameplay is a first in an RPG. One of the reasons you must play dying light is because of the new expansion pack, the following, which was released on feb 9 2016. The expansion pack includes new weapons, new combat mechanics and a new storyline.  Combine the unique gameplay, awesome level design and zombies and you`ll get  a game you must play in 2016.Gameplay footage :

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