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best witcher 3 secrets you need to know
I`ll Slay all the monsters with this cursed blade

11. Secret Cave Entrance at An Skellig


The cave entrance

Location : On the isle of An Skellig, just west of the Urialla Harbor, is a cave entrance marked on the map. The actual entrance marked is a hole in the ground that is too deep to safely enter, you will die if you tired to jump.

If you want to enter the cave, you`ll have to  start a quest that you`ll find in the nearby town. It`s a warrior trial. The real entrance is near the quest giver.

Reward: You will have to transverse an underwater cave. If you emerge from the cave halfway through the cave, you will be greeted by gargoyles and then by bandits. After defeating them you will get a diagram for Broadhead bolt and a few other things and weapons.

Following are its perks.

  • Applies Bleeding on impact
  • Silver Damage +8
  • Piercing Damage +8
  • Effect Duration 15s

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