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best witcher 3 secrets you need to know
I`ll Slay all the monsters with this cursed blade

10. Farting Trolls Quest

Did I just hear a fart?

This quest is also not present on the map, so is a bit difficult to find. But you are sure to stumble upon it one way or another.

Location : As you head towards the eastern edge of the mountain range on the south east of Ard Skellige, you will find a cave. Enter it and you will start hearing distant farting. Head further and you`ll see 3 trolls named Joe, Jesse and Dodger.

Reward : Kill all three of the farting trolls and enter their room. There you will find the Ursine armor plans. The Ursine armor is a heavy armor with an AR of 120. And it has the following perks :-

  • Adrenaline Point Gain 5%
  • Piercing Res +5%
  • Bludgeoning Res +5%
  • Slashing Res +15%
  • Monster Res +20%

Fun Fact: The three trolls were named after the three famous youtubers,  Angry Joe, Jesse Cox and Dodger AKA Dexterity Bonus, Who also voiced the three respective trolls.

How to get there:

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