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sexiest Lara Croft cosplays

6. Meagan Marie


Meagan Marie from the United States is one of the most famous cosplayers around. Her award-winning cosplays are some of the best you’ll ever see, and that’s because she’s entirely devoted to geek culture. She’s into everything you’d expect a professional nerd would be into, such as comics, anime, manga, photography, sculpting, graphic arts, costume design… but her special love will always be for video games.

Meagan Marie starting playing video games as a child. As a teen, she grew up identifying with Lara Croft – which should explain why she cosplays the character so well. But her passion also led her to other opportunities, such as work as an Associate Editor for the magazine Game Informer. Now she’s the Community & Communications Manager at Crystal Dynamics, with a focus specifically on – you guessed it – Tomb Raider. How’s that for living your dream?





All images from Meagan Marie, photos by LJinto.

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