15 Video Games That Use Sex to Boost Sales: Page 9 of 15

Because sex sells!
Because sex sells!

7. TERA: Rising

Free-to-play TERA: Rising has all the elements of a classic fantasy MMORPG: hundreds of quests, crafting, grinding, and of course, warrior women in ridiculous skimpy armor.

Developer Bluehole Studio went all out designing the looks of the game’s female avatars. Its bevy of beauties range from the tall, busty and long-legged to the tiny and adorable... only those costumes leave so little to the imagination that it gets a little weird. To be fair, some of the male costumes are just as revealing.

Also, to its credit, TERA: Rising impresses with its real-time combat. In fact, it was one of the first few MMORPGs to do away with the “click on enemy till it dies” gameplay. In TERA: Rising, you have to actively dodge strikes, and your attacks need to be timed correctly to land.

It’s among the sexiest games in the industry, and thankfully, it’s also fun to play!




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